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Share The Gospel

The propose of this site is to inform people on how they can get connected to various groups in San Diego that do street evangelism.  A lot of people are hesitant about trying this, but you really should experience it.  If you do it correctly it’s a wonderful experience and you will be making lasting changes to peoples lives.  The key to street evangelism is to treat everyone with respect and generally want to help them.

What does it look like?


A street group will pick a location for a particular outreach. Some stay in one location, but many will move around. It could be a train station, mall etc.  Some teams will look for people who are hurting in some way and ask if they need prayer. If they say yes, they will inquire more into the situation and pray for that person.  Your heart and attitude should be like a Pastor that counsels people in your church, to love them and help them get better.

Handing out Tracts

This is a great way for artists and musicians to get involved.  They can form up a band and go to the beach, park etc. There are some great battery powered amplifiers today so you can sound great. The purpose of the band is to draw people.  You can do some classic rock songs that point toward God. People Get Ready is one song like that. As people stop by, other people can hand out tracts or invites to a local church.  Another version is have people start conversations with the people listening and steer the conversation to religion and see where it leads.

The are many ways to do this. I suggest that you get involved with a local outreach group and get started.  Below is a list of groups.  Some of them have training programs.  The best way to start is go out on the street with an experienced street evangelist and silently pray for the person they are helping.  All you are doing is observing and learning.

Below are some of the groups that go out in San Diego

Church Tsidkenu

Fire Acadamy (Monday Night)

Church Tsidkenu has an extensive training program to equip people to go out on street.  It’s called The Fire Academy and the course runs for about 12 weeks.  They have been offering the program about 2 times a year.  Their program is theologically based and teaches practical training on how to do street evangelism.  Students are encouraged to participate in the weekly outreach.  Church Tsidkenu believes that all the gifts of Holy Spirit are available and active today and they incorporate them into their street evangelism program.

Pastor Benjamin Wisan   www.churchtksandiego.com

Thursday Night Ourtreach

Church Tsidkenu goes out on the street almost every Thursday nite from 6:30 -8:30 pm.  They may go to a maill in El Cajon, minister to the homeless in downtown San Diego by offering food, clothes, prayer and conseling. They move around to many different locations. or to the Outlets mall in San Ysidro.   There basic approach is is to pray for the sick and hurting and then lead them to Christ.

Faith Finding Words

Faith Finding Words currently meets in Balboa Park on Wednesday afternoon.  They have a band that plays a combination of contemporary and classic rock.  They also encourage painters who do prophetic art and flag wavers can perform with the band.  They have trained street evangelists who minister to those who come to watch.  They believe in the gifts of Holy Spirit and they practice them.  They have a very gentle approach.  The group is run by David Foulds and David Carney.  You can contact us through this web site.  If you are a musician, artist or flag waver please contact us.

Elisha Revolution

Jerame and Maranda Nelson started hosting extended revival meetings in 2016. They have a street evangelism ministry that is lead by Chris Penczek.  There approach is to go to the mall, beach or park and look for people who are sick or injured.  They will ask if they can pray for the person.  Their approach is gentle and non confrontational.  They generally go out on Saturday mornings at 11 AM.  For more information contact admin@elisharevolution.com

So what is the Gospel Message?

Information on street evangelism ministries in San Diego