Share The Gospel
Share The Gospel

So what’s the most important decision you’ve made in your life?
Some people think it’s a job position that worked out really well, others might think it’s the spouse they married. For another, it may have been an investment that worked out really well. These are all important life decisions, but none of them are the most important decision.
There once was a pastor who went to a new church. He opened the wrong door and ended up in the janitorial closet. He quickly looked around and saw a mop, cleaning supplies, etc. so he closed the door and went about his business. Later, the Lord reminded him of that janitorial closet. That his short visit to the closet was like our brief time here on earth, when compared to eternity. We’re here for just a blink of the eye, a moment in time.
By far the most important decision we will make on this earth determines where we will spend eternity. If we really believe what the Bible says, then sharing our faith with our family and friends is the most important thing we can do on this earth. I believe you already have a desire to do this or you wouldn’t be on this site.
But even if our desire is strong, we need to be able to share our faith in a way that’s effective, so that it will lead a person to consider the claims of Christ and choose wisely. That’s what this site is all about!
If we can make the gospel message understandable to those we care about or even to a complete stranger, we’re engaging in the most important work in the whole world. Can you think of anything more important than leading a loved one to Christ, when their eternity rest on this decision? So what is the Gospel Message?

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