Do We Have A Spirit?

If evolutionists are correct, that we are nothing more than a highly evolved organic machine, then the sum total of our consciousness lies within the brain.

Oddly enough, this notion was challenged by an experience that happened to a migrant worker in Seattle Washington. Her name was Maria, who had a massive heart attack and was taken to Harborview Hospital. As the doctors worked to save her life, Maria found herself floating near the ceiling of the ER watching the doctors work.

While doctors continued to try and save Maria’s life, she had floated outside the hospital. There she noticed a dark blue, well-worn tennis shoe located on the ledge of a third floor hospital window.

The doctors were successful in saving Maria’s life. As she was recovering, she spoke to Kimberly Clark Sharp, a health worker, about the shoe. Maria was upset and wanted the shoe. In order to calm Maria’s fear, Kimberly decided to do a thorough search of the hospital windows so that she could assure Maria that no such shoe existed.

During her search, Kimberly looked out a third floor window and much to her amazement, saw the dark blue tennis shoe. It was in the position and condition that Maria had described. Kimberly also reported that the tennis shoe was not visible from the street.

So if we are nothing more than biological machines, how could Maria have seen the shoe?

Equally as important, if our spirit leaves the body after death where does the spirit go?

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